About Us

About Our Company

Precicraft Components India Pvt.Ltd. had its inception in the year 2003 and we have made it our uncompromising mission to ensure exceptional quality and timely service to our customers ever since. Headed by Directors with over 30 years of experience managing manufacturing industries and supported by a team of professionals with decades of experience in their respective fields of expertise, we manufacture a wide range of aluminium and zinc die-cast parts that are widely used in the global market. Consolidating all our resources and the technical expertise of our dedicated personnel, we design, test and develop new components in our unit. We take great pride in being flexible and responsive, which enables us to offer solutions that best suit customer requirements. With the help of a well-evolved and integrated network of suppliers, manufacturing vendors, engineers and service providers, we are committed to providing reliable and professional service to our customers. Our company holds itself to the highest standard when it comes to quality, ensuring an optimal performance of the product.

We lay emphasis on inspection and testing carried out with the help of our extensive testing facilities which includes a modern laboratory to ascertain the physical and mechanical properties of both the raw materials and the finished products. We have managed to create an impeccable track record of providing quality services to our customers through our substantial and well-equipped facilities and a customer-oriented approach. Through our determined efforts towards customer satisfaction and adherence to corporate ethics, we’ve established ourselves as a reliable and competent supplier, helping us build a strong and expanding global presence.

Quality Assurance

ISO 9001 : 2015 version certified

Equipped with Qualified Engineers to ensure quality at every stage right from incoming of Raw Material, Inspection, quality checks at every stage of the process till shipping of the Goods.

Our Quality Lab is equipped with Spectrometer Magellan - Optical Emission Spectrometer, CMM, Hardness Tester, and Height Gauges besides other conventional measuring instruments.

Technical Capabilities

Core Strength